It is important to build a long lasting and professional reputation. Liberal Arts  strives to keep that reputation rating an A+. 

Thank you to all our clients that have let us help them with their decorative painting needs.  It has been a privilege to work in people's homes and earn their trust.

We are very proud of our work.  It has brought much joy in our lives.  


David and Virginia Vaupel

We commissioned Quinn Woodward and Nancy Pittard to do decorative painting in our home.  We chose their company, Liberal Arts, because they offer a great number of textures and techniques.  Upon commencement of the work it was immediately obvious that they were not just painters but artist.  Their artwork is superb, demonstrating great professionalism and attention to detail, far exceeding our expectations.

The key to a successful business, it seems to us, is having the knowledge of new and cutting edge techniques.  We found that Quinn and Nancy always strives for that knowledge to keep their company just a step above.


Palm Coast, Florida


Nancy Lohman


"We appreciate the exceptional talent of Liberal Arts every day as we enjoy the rooms they transformed through their unique use of paints and metallics.  Their creations using various palates of color and texture created a look in our living room and in our bathrooms that are more beautiful than I ever imagined.  Nancy and Quinn were accommodating, professional, lovely to work with and as importantly we felt their pricing was more than reasonable, especially in light of how diligently they presented samples in advance until we had just the look we were hoping for.  Lowell and I could not be more pleased!"

Ormond Beach, Florida



Peggy Smith


Nancy Pittard and Quinn Woodward from Liberal Arts Creative Decorative Painting are fantastic artists.  I saw there decorative painting work at a friend's home and immediately got the phone number to commission them to do work for my home.  Once they started one project, I kept calling them back to continue to make our home more extraordinarily beautiful.

Their bubbling personalities make them not only easy to work with but also a delight to watch as the progress of the artistic talent comes alive on the walls through their own excitement!


Palm Coast, Florida

Karen Smith

It is with pleasure that I write in reference to the superb art work that Nancy Pittard and Quinn Woodward performed in my home.

In late 2005 I completed the construction of my new "retirement" dream home in Florida.  With extra high ceilings and very large spacious rooms, I found the normal paint to be on the drab side and gave nothing extra to my otherwise lovely home.  After numerous interviews and viewing of work, I commissioned Nancy Pittard and Quinn Woodward to develop and finish several rooms in textured, decorative painting.

Both the workmanship and the quality of the products used by Liberal Arts were superior to any others that I had observed.  Quinn and Nancy were excellent in assisting in the selection of not only color schemes but also the most appropriate texture to bring out the most positive effect in my home.

Frequently I have given their names and phone number to others who have been impressed with the artistic nature and quality of their work.

I have commissioned them since the 2005 over and over again for other projects in my home.

Palm Coast, Florida

Mikelle Streicher, PhD,RN

Over the past few monthes, Quinn Woodward and Nancy Pittard provided custom finishes for me at my home.  I have a large space that is blessed with large windows, expansive views and interesting angles.  When I moved in, I had a short time to make the space my own so I had everything painted China white!  After a while, the angles seemed less appealing.  Rooms seem to run together.  I invited  Nancy to help me carve out spaces to make them more interesting and stand on their own. I had Quinn help with a foyer which has a large sky light where the light pours into the foyer and a bar which blended in and was lost in the living room.

Liberal Arts came in and helped me explore the world of color and texture!  They took their time learning me, learning the space and learning what I hoped to achieve with a custom finish.  Their professional portfolio was a rainbow of possibilities.  They lay their experience and talent on the floor and display option after option of potential for my home.  After an hour of reviewing possibilities, they took a bit of the fabric from some recently covered dining room chairs and created custom samples for my review.  Thrilled with the marriage of color and texture designed for our dining room and bar, I signed for a custom creation of color and texture.  The dining room has an old Tuscan color and texture while the bar has a crackle finish.

We commissioned Quinn to put real sky in the sky light and to make the bar come alive with a Florida natural jungle above the crackle.  The process of designing the jungle involved the selection of tones, finding the right native and exotic flowers and laying out the design so that literally every inch was treated with some delightful experience for the eye.  The trompe l'eil Florida jungle now beckons you into its space for a refreshing stop!  Even my tiny Jenday Conure parrot, Dickens, is ensconced in the scene forever!

The contracting process was painless and the work was completed on time and on budget.  The work process itself was, shall I say, neat!  Nancy and Quinn prepared the area, completed the work and contained the paint, ladders and tools of the trade to a minimal area which was much appreciated!  At the completion of the work, the contents of the foyer and bar were returned to their place.  They even helped me rehang my art work to finish the job.  

I have had the girls back to personalize in my new condo.  They painted a night sky in the foyer and a modello of water in my kitchen.  I would have them back to help me create a unique space at any time!

Ormond Beach/Port Orange, Florida

Review From ANGIE'S List

Barbara Simon


Liberal Arts not only painted every room in my house except the master bathroom, they also painted doors, moldings, ceilings and 2 murals.  Each room was a different technique. If you stand in the center of the house and look around into every room, the colors and textures all work together.  Very eye appealing.

Great experience!!  On time or called if running late.  And fair priced.  Loved having Nancy and Quinn around.  Lovely women, friendly but business oriented.  Fantastic!  Wow!!  Would hire again.  Rate: A


Ormond Beach , Florida

Review from ANGIE'S List

Sara Johnson


Liberal Arts did decorative painting in my condo in South Daytona.  Their service worked out very well.  I really like the women that works for the company.  They were wonderful.  We are considering using them again in the future if we choose to do more decorative painting.  Price was a shocker for us but for the area the price seemed fair.  Would recommend them.  Rate: A


Charlotte, NC

Review from ANGIE'S List

Carole Rice


Liberal Arts LLC did faux painting in my master bath, guest bath, and pool bath.  They also did a mural in the pool bath.  They even painted our dining room.  They did a beautiful job.  They were very good and cleaned everything up nicely.  I would recommend them.  Rate: A


Palm Coast, Florida

Review from ANGIE'S List

Patricia Williams


Liberal Arts did a bit of faux painting for me.  They were wonderful.  I thought they were great.  They were very original in their designs.  They were very easy to work with and professional.  I would recommend them.  Rate: A


Palm Coast, Florida